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Meat tenderizing machine

The meat tenderizing machine, developed in collaboration with Umbra Macchine, is a revolutionary machine for the slaughter.
It allows not having to leave the meat maturation for weeks, but thanks to a patented process allows to soften the meat a few hours after slaughter, keeping the flavor intact. This avoids all the problems of long passages in cold storage. This machine also allows you to work meat with and without bones, young animals as well as older ones.
The machine is fully automatic, simply enter the piece of meat in a refrigerated container made of stainless steel and seal it with its transparent cover, press the start button on the touch screen and wait a couple of hours: the meat will be soft as after 20 days in cold storage.
For information visit the website of Umbra Macchine or use our online form.

Android in automation

layout-2015-07-17-172105The Android operating system is increasingly popular and is beginning to emerge for the ability to build hybrids systems for industrial automation in which the panel for the operator works with software developed for this OS.
Given the computing power available, you can implement all control loops directly into the panel and thus realize a single project for the interface and control strategies.
Communication to and from the machine can be achieved via Bluetooth, WiFi, USB or serial ports, depending on their availability.
For interfacing to high power devices and sensors it is necessary only an electronic card capable of performing the functions of acquisition, control and communication required and not available directly via the panel.

This creates an efficient and economically competitive structure capable of supporting the most different needs ensuring totally customizable user interface, multinguages and ready for future updates.


For a specifica application for the food industry, an electronic board based on a dsPIC33 has been developed. This board is able to:

  • control 3 alternate current loads (3 x 230 Vac 1,5 kW) using TRIAC devices (no relé);
  • control 3 direct current loads (3 x 12/24 Vdc 10 A NPN);
  • acquire 3 digital inputs 12/24 Vdc;
  • acquire local temperature by a thermometer on I2C bus;
  • acquire remote temperature by a clabled sensor on I2C bus;
  • acquire air pressure in a chamber (10 - 1000 mBar);
  • comunicate by SPP over Bluetooth;
  • comunicate by VCOM 115k2,8N1 su USB.

For more information you can contact us through this form.

Morse Stick


CW Stick Keyer is a simple and easy to use Morse code keyer thought to be light, small and inexpensive.


It is ideal for portable and QRP operations, in car installations, but also for travelling everywhere you want with your favourite radio.

It doesn't have mechanical parts, it is totally electronic. And it doesn't need any battery to work! Use simply your fingers to start operating Morse code with your favourite radio.


It works with all the modern transceivers replacing a normal mechanical 3 wires (gnd, dot, dash)  Morse keyer.

It can be used with FT-817, FT-857, FT-897, IC-706, IC-7000, TS-480, Elecraft K1, KX3 and similar (low voltage (3 - 5 V) on keyer connector).


Technical data:

  • size - 100 x 19 x 2 mm;
  • weight -6 grs + cable;
  • cable - 60 cm 3 wire;
  • connector - 3,5 mm stereo jack.


Please watch these demo videos at:


Pre-orders are welcome.

For more informations contact us.


FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (CwStick.pdf)Cw StickFlyer951 Kb
Glue Detector

SistemaPatent_800px Glue Detector is an electronic system to detect and measure the amount of glue placed over a sheet of paper. It is fast and contactless.
Using a RF signal at microwave frequencies, it is possible to control the gluing process with a high precision, being sure that the requested amount of glue has been placed on the paper.
This device can be used all the times a feedback to the automatic glue dispensers is requested. It is useful to provide information to the controller of the machine to correct possible problems during the work process.
It can work with hot melt or cold glue.
No moving mechanical parts are present.
It is mainly composed by two parts: an electronic board to manage the signals and a sensing element to interact with the glue. The two parts are connected by two coaxial cable.
It can work in the darkness or in extremely lighted environments. The measurement is not dependent by the temperature of the product and vibrations are not a problem.
It can be applied to new machines as well as an upgrade to old ones. It is easy to operate and it does not reduce the quality of the product: contactless measurement.
The time required for the result of the measurement is less than 1 ms from the rising edge of a 12/24 Vdc trigger signal.
The output information can be represent by an ON-OFF signal (glue - no glue) or numerical. In this case the numerical value of the measurement is sent on the RS232 interface.
It does not require maintenance.
It works on 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc powered systems.
It can be customized upon request of the customer.


To request information, please click here.


Some examples from an installation on a paper envelope wrapping machine.



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