An SDR for IFace

An SDR for IFace

Several of you have written us asking which SDR receiver to use in combination with your radio and our IFace buffer card (which you will find here described). The answer is simple: all are fine and at the bottom of the page you will find some links to buy them.
In the 1 minute video here below you can find the test with a common RTL-SDR.

The basic concept of using the IFace buffer card is that the “dirty work”, that is to limit extremely strong signals, even outside the amateur radio band, is delegated to the first reception stages of our RTX. In this way we can also use a cheap SDR receiver, which in practice has no filters, of those from a few tens of $. Then, honestly, what we’re talking about is not a real receiver, but a part of it, because it’s an A / D (digital analog) converter, a lot of the work is done by the software on the computer. Here the choice is wide, there are many and those that we used for the tests that you have seen and read are SDR #, SDR Console and HDSDR.

The only recommendation is that the A / D converter is able to work at the IF frequency of our radio. Ex, if the IF is at 8.83 MHz we will not be able to use one that works from 25 MHz to 1700 MHz.

For the tests, and therefore for the results we showed you, we used either of these “receivers”.


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