Would you like to have a radio with a nice 40 “LCD display where you can view spectrograms, waterfall and lots of other information? And what would you say to have a modern SDR radio so you can listen to more signals at the same time? And if besides this it also had many digital filters to improve reception? IFace is what you need!

After several months of testing and evaluating various A / D converters for RF signals, we claim to have identified the best SDR panadapter to combine with our IF buffer interface named IFace.

We have tried cheap 8-bit products as well as much more expensive and performing high-end products but this seemed to be the best compromise.

CW Stick Paddle 2 is a simple and easy to use Morse code keyer thought to be light, small and inexpensive. With respect the previous version, this adds the squeeze mode feature. Find out more!