TSP S.r.l. is an engineering company founded in 2010 as natural evolution of the professional activity (since 2000) of the founder. It is specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of electronic civil, industrial and research electronic systems.

The design and production of our devices is completely done in Italy: we prefer to focus on quality and reliability and at the same time trying to keep costs competitive.

After several years of experience in the electronic design we can provide solutions based on:

  • energy harvesters;
  • microcontroller Microchip series 10, 12, 16, 18, PIC24, dsPIC30, dsPIC33 e PIC32;
  • microcontroller ARM Cortex M0, ARM Cortex M4 and others;
  • microcontroller Analog Devices (e.g. ADuC70xx) and Texas Instruments MSP430;
  • DSP by Analog Devices and Texas Instruments;
  • custom firmware (assembler and/or C languages);
  • wireless sensor networks;
  • embedded web server;
  • linux server for custom applications;
  • fast magstripe card reader (4 cards/s) for industrianl applications;
  • LPD radio module on ISM band;
  • software delepment (Python, C, Perl, PHP and html);
  • industrial, M2M and consumer applications based on GSM + GPS;
  • reader/writer RFID and NFC;
  • devices for RS422, RS485, I2C and CAN BUS networks;
  • protocol converters for I2C, RS232/RS422/RS485, CAN Bus;
  • RF signal generation/transmission and reception with VCO, PLL, DDS;
  • RF signal measurents systems;
  • DC/DC and AC/DC current converter;
  • high power LED driver;
  • extreme low power and energy harvesting systems;
  • stepper motor controllers;
  • IOT – Internet Of Things.

We are also able to follow your electronic project taking care of:

  • the design of the electronic board, from the schematic to the prototype assembled in PTH or SMD technology;
  • design and realization of custom enclosures for your electronic system;
  • final testings;
  • medium scale mass production.

You can see some of our products visiting our website.

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