When a purchase is made on our site and payment is made by electronic card or PayPal, the transfer of money from the customer’s account to ours is not automatic. From the moment the customer authorizes the payment, we have 7 days to complete the transaction. During this time we verify that the goods are ready to be shipped and, if necessary, we contact the customer for clarification (for example on a shipping address that appears badly formed).

The images below show the 5 phases that lead to the shipment of what has been ordered.

Once the order has been submitted, this is what we see. At the top, the status appears as “Authorized” and “Unfulfilled”, i.e. the payment method chosen by the customer has been accepted by the system, i.e. the money can be withdrawn but is not yet, and the goods have not yet been shipped.

When we have ascertained that we are ready to ship, we proceed with the acquisition of the payment. As you can see the transactions are not managed directly by us but by the Shopify payment system. In this way, we never receive customers’ payment card data and it is therefore not our duty to ensure their security, we pay Shopify to do it for us (and this is much safer for everyone).

We have 7 days to process the payment.

Once the payment has been acquired, the order appears as above, “Paid” but still “Unfulfilled”.

After shipping, we send the shipment tracking code to the customer. We obviously do this via the order management platform: the customer will receive an email with the shipment data.

At this point, the order is completed and is “Paid”, “Fulfilled” and “Archived”.

For any other question, contact us via the following form, we will reply as soon as possible.