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TSP S.r.l. uninominale
V.le Unità d’Italia, 36 – 06019 Umbertide – Italy
Iscr. Reg. Imprese PG / C.F. / P.IVA 03137540542
TSP S.r.l. is and Engineering Company

General conditions of Sale

After inserting your order and sending the payment, you will receive a first confirmation e-mail with the details of your order. The order will be subsequently processed by TSP. In case of problems, you will receive an email that will notify you of the suspension of the order until the resolution of the same. If the problems cannot be solved, the order will be canceled. The delivery of the order will take place according to the conditions agreed upon on the order.


With the exception of products for which shipping is not required, orders will be processed as carriage paid / freight prepaid. In case of shipment by courier, it is essential that someone is always available for collection at the delivery address. For shipments in carriage paid / freight prepaid, the goods travel at the total risk of the Customer, TSP is therefore not responsible for the delayed delivery. If the shipper recognizes the loss, the goods not traced in the next 48 hours will be replaced and sent again at no cost to the customer. In the event of damage to the package that will make the material unusable, the Customer must immediately notify the courier of the damage to the package. He must also inform TSP by sending an e-mail to, possibly attaching one or more photographs of the damaged packaging. If required, the damaged material will be replaced under warranty without further costs for the customer.

Returns and right of withdrawal

The provisions of the Italian law “Article 52 of the Consumer Code” apply. In particular, in the case of the sale of intangible/digital assets (software, digital films, audio recordings, also transmitted via the network, services that are provided directly via the Internet) it is not possible to request the return or replacement of the purchased asset or the reimbursement once the payment has been made.
In the case of indirect trade (sale of tangible goods and subsequent shipment), the return can be requested within 14 days. In case the return of material is agreed upon, the shipment must be made only by courier in freight prepaid or registered mail (with tracking), therefore no shipping method with expenses charged to TSP will be accepted.


The tangible goods provided by TSP are guaranteed for one year from the date of shipment (B2B sale), two years if the buyer is a consumer (B2C), provided that they are used correctly. The guarantee does not apply to goods for which the customer must provide for assembly (the condition will be expressly indicated). In this case, TSP will not be held responsible for direct or indirect damage due to non-operation. In the event of a defect that is certainly attributable to product quality problems, it will be promptly replaced under warranty without further costs. In any case, TSP will not recognize any cost incurred by the Customer for any assembly and related expenses. The guarantee, as well as the return or replacement, does not apply to intangible/digital assets.


Prices, unless otherwise indicated, include VAT. Any other cost is excluded. At the end of the order process, the total will be shown on the basis of the data supplied by you (destination of the goods, billing data, VAT number, method of delivery, payment method …). For those entitled, VAT will not be applied according to the laws in force (in this case, send communication before concluding the purchase). All the material supplied by TSP S.r.l. will be regularly invoiced to the customer even if he is a private individual.


Payment must be made in advance by credit card via PayPal’s secure payment service or by bank transfer (for bank transfer the shipment will take place after the reception of the payment). The data relating to your credit card are not in any way visible to TSP S.r.l. that fully delegates the management of the collection to the PayPal circuit. For the payment with PayPal, there is an additional cost to cover the costs of the service. Cash on delivery is not currently available.
Extreme for bank transfer:
IBAN: IT 12 B 03069 38740 100000002377


The Customer’s personal and business data will be processed in compliance with current privacy regulations. For more details see the page on Privacy.