CW Stick Paddle – FAQ

CW Stick Paddle – FAQ

If you still have doubts about the validity of our CW Stick Paddle, read below the answers to the most frequent questions we have received so far.

Q. What is the difference between the “standard” version and the “Black & Gold Limited Edition” version?

A. The two keys are identical in terms of circuitry, that is, the difference is the finish, the first green, the second black, and the “touch” metallization, the first tin-plated, the second real gold-plated.

Q. Is it a resistive or capacitive key?

A. It is a resistive key, it works by exploiting the surface resistance of the skin. Extremely dry or hardened skins have a very high surface resistance and may not work well: in this case, moisturize it.

Q. How fast can you use it?

A. It depends on your skills, but in general, in the configuration sold, it works well at least up to 30 WPM or more. If you want to go much faster, above 40 WPM, you need to replace two resistors (currently 10 MOhm) with lower values.

D. Does it need for power?

R. No! The power supply is obtained directly from the “dash” and “dot” signals, there are no batteries that discharge.

Q. Does it work with all radios?

A. Yes, but it depends on the voltages on the “dot” and “dash” lines. In general, 5 V or voltages close to this value must be found on the wires and transmission must take place by grounding (GND) one of these lines.

For any other questions, use the form below. Thanks.


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