Android in automation

The Android operating system is increasingly popular and is beginning to emerge for the ability to build hybrids systems for industrial automation in which the panel for the operator works with software developed for this OS.
Given the computing power available, you can implement all control loops directly into the panel and thus realize a single project for the interface and control strategies.
Communication to and from the machine can be achieved via Bluetooth, WiFi, USB or serial ports, depending on their availability.
For interfacing to high power devices and sensors it is necessary only an electronic card capable of performing the functions of acquisition, control and communication required and not available directly via the panel.

This creates an efficient and economically competitive structure capable of supporting the most different needs ensuring totally customizable user interface, multinguages and ready for future updates.


For a specific application for the food industry, an electronic board based on a dsPIC33 has been developed. This board is able to:

  • control 3 alternate current loads (3 x 230 Vac 1,5 kW) using TRIAC devices (no relé);
  • control 3 direct current loads (3 x 12/24 Vdc 10 A NPN);
  • acquire 3 digital inputs 12/24 Vdc;
  • acquire local temperature by a thermometer on I2C bus;
  • acquire remote temperature by a clabled sensor on I2C bus;
  • acquire air pressure in a chamber (10 – 1000 mBar);
  • comunicate by SPP over Bluetooth;
  • comunicate by VCOM 115k2,8N1 su USB.

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