Microwave glue detector

Glue Detector is an electronic system to detect and measure the amount of glue placed over a sheet of paper. It is fast and contactless.
Using a RF signal at microwave frequencies, it is possible to control the gluing process with a high precision, being sure that the requested amount of glue has been placed on the paper.
This device can be used all the times a feedback to the automatic glue dispensers is requested. It is useful to provide information to the controller of the machine to correct possible problems during the work process.
It can work with hot melt or cold glue.
No moving mechanical parts are present.
It is mainly composed by two parts: an electronic board to manage the signals and a sensing element to interact with the glue. The two parts are connected by two coaxial cable.

It can work in the darkness or in extremely lighted environments. The measurement is not dependent by the temperature of the product and vibrations are not a problem.
It can be applied to new machines as well as an upgrade to old ones. It is easy to operate and it does not reduce the quality of the product: contactless measurement.
The time required for the result of the measurement is less than 1 ms from the rising edge of a 12/24 Vdc trigger signal.
The output information can be represent by an ON-OFF signal (glue – no glue) or numerical. In this case the numerical value of the measurement is sent on the RS232 interface.
It does not require maintenance.
It works on 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc powered systems.
It can be customized upon request of the customer.


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