SDR interface for the FT-450D

SDR interface for the FT-450D

Follow the steps below to install the IFace card in the YAESU FT-450D. Installation is really very easy.

On the lower side of the radio, after removing the cover, locate the electronic card called “RF-IF Unit”: this is shown in the following photo. In the same one can also see where the IFace can be mounted.

Refer to the following images to identify in the wiring diagram the points where to solder the cables for the IF, the power supply and the PTT. Our SDR receiver will be tuned on 67.899 MHz.

Refer to the following image to identify the points where to weld the various connection cables in the PCB.

Finally connect the coaxial cable to output the IF signal and pass it through the aeration holes of the radio as shown in the photo.

WARNING: Although the installation of IFace is not difficult, it is done at your own risk. TSP S.r.l. is not responsible for any damage, unwanted side effects or anything else.

For more information do not exist to write to us.
Have fun!


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