SDR interface for the IC-R72

Follow the steps below to install the IFace card in the ICOM IC-R72. Installation is really very easy.

As always we start from the block diagram and try to find information on where to get the first intermediate frequency signal: we take the first because it is not filtered and the band is still wide. The following images make it very clear where this point is located (on resistance R82). Being a receiver, there is no need to look for the PTT signal. The power supply can be taken between the inductance L66 and the resistance R68.

At this point all that remains is to identify the points on the PCB where to take the signals: refer to the following images.

Finally, this photo suggests where to place the IFace card and where to get the signals.

If you are convinced of the goodness of the proposal buy an IFace using the button below.

WARNING: Although the installation of IFace is not difficult, it is done at your own risk. TSP S.r.l. is not responsible for any damage, unwanted side effects or anything else.

For more information do not exist to write to us.
Have fun!

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